The Mentoring Arts & Culture(MA&C) program helps youth and young adults re-connect to their natural environment and natural talents. Utilizing a holistic and humanistic approach, the MA&C program addresses social and cultural issues affecting the individual, the family and the community.

The MA&C program taps into the established human resources in our community, such as wise elders, innovative educators & altruistic artists, and provides a dynamic environment for mentoring to commence and a safe place for learning to begin.

The MA&C program mission is to stimulate the natural curiosities of youth and young adults so they are inspired to expand their personal knowledge of the arts, culture(s) and self-empowerment.

Through a series of educational workshops, community outings and service learning activities, the MA&C program engages youth and young adults in dynamic and creative ways. The following are some examples of the activities offered to our participants:

Educational Workshops: Health & Nutrition For A Happy Life, Ancient-Contemporary Cultures And Their Contributions To Society, Social Justice 4 Community Wellness, Physical-Mental-Spiritual Fitness For Personal Freedom, And A Variety Of Art Related Workshops Helping Participants Sharpen Their Artist Skills

Community Outings: Museums, Religious/Spiritual/Cultural Centers, Botanicals Gardens, Organic Farms, Libraries, Historical Landmarks, Universities, Beaches, Mountains And Other Natural Habitats

Service Learning Activities:

Community Mural Projects, Community Gardens And Beautification Projects

MA&C was created & developed by Andrew Quiñones in 2000